Restaurant shuttle

Buses at Riva Grill

In this day and age for your guests to be able to enjoy themselves to their fullest, it is important they don’t have to worry about driving back to the hotel. We have luxury 28 passenger shuttle buses that can take care of all your transfer needs to and from any restaurant in the Lake Tahoe region. In the summer months, parking is at a premium almost everywhere in Lake Tahoe. Taxi service can be described as spotty on most busy weekends. With charter shuttle service, your guests all arrive safely at the restaurant at the same time (a big plus for corporate meetings), and they don’t have to worry about how they’re getting to their next destination.
Some of the restaurants we often visit include: Edgewood Tahoe – Riva Grill – Beacon Bar and Grill – The Fresh Ketch – Tep’s Villa Roma – Evan’s – The Chart House – The West Shore Cafe – Sunnyside – Chamber’s Landing

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