South Lake Tahoe Wedding Shuttle



Quotes will not be given over the phone !

South Lake Tahoe is a very popular destination for weddings, over 14, 000 annually. Some locations have none or very limited parking and bus transportation is required.
Book early to make sure we still have buses available.

Don’t let your friends and family drink and drive!!
We have 27 passenger shuttle buses that can take care of all your transfer needs to and from wedding locations and receptions. Many locations require that you provide transportation for large groups. This is especially true of those located in state parks or forest service land (like Emerald Bay, Zephyr Cove, Valhalla and Thunderbird Lodge ).

Wedding shuttle

Some locations don’t have parking available for more than a few cars. Shuttle transportation is by far the most effective way to get everyone from your ceremony to the reception, especially at a destination wedding where many guests may be without cars.

Edgewood Tahoe

Our most visited locations include: Edgewood Golf Course – Emerald Bay – Thunderbird Lodge –  Regan Beach – Valhalla – Paradise Park – Camp Richardson – Lake Tahoe Golf Course – Lakeview Lodge /Heavenly – Zephyr Cove – Logan Shoals  – Lakeside Beach – Glenbrook Bay – Round Hill Pines Beach

Rates and Quotes

Split charter versus continuous charter
SPLIT CHARTER ( the most common arrangement ) is where you book a bus for a period ( usually 1-2 hours before the wedding and same after the wedding ( times can be adjusted / customized )
If you need a bus for a longer period, you would book a CONTINUOUS CHARTER the rate will be calculated on an hourly basis, the bus is at your service for the duration.

Price will depend on the time frame, locations, how many buses, time of the year…
In order to provide you with the most reasonable quote, please e mail us as much information as you have at the time. ( quotes will not be given over the phone )

For a quote, please send us an  email  .